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What I’m Reading : March 2014

Ok, remember when I did February’s post way late and said that I’d do March on time?

About that…

At least I’m following through with my goal of reading, right? Maybe next year I’ll make a goal of blogging on time. Until then, you’re stuck with my late posts. :)

The first book I read in March was from the movie/book list I’ve mentioned before. Labor Day by Joyce Maynard is coming to theaters this year starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin. The story is told by Henry, a young boy who lives mainly with his single mother. It is told over the course of the hot Labor Day weekend in a small town in New Hampshire. The writer pulled me into the story from the very beginning and I had a hard time putting the book down. The movie has already come out and didn’t get the best reviews but I’m still looking forward to seeing this story come to life. Then I’ll undoubtedly talk about how much better the book was.

Labor Day

My non-fiction book for March was Glass Castle by Jeannette Wells. This is Jeannette’s memoir detailing growing up in an, um, unconventional way. Sometimes, I can be caught watching Hoarders because it makes me feel better about my own pack rat tendencies. That’s sort of how I was with this book. Reading about some of the things that Jeannette went through made my own dysfunctional family seem completely normal! ;) Yet, as dysfunctional as they were, her parents loved her and her siblings. I know that she has written another book giving more information about her Grandma specifically and I hope to read that one as well.

Glass Castle

My final book for the month of March was If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Um. Ugh. LOVED this one. HATED this one. I cried through the entire thing. Ok, maybe not the entire thing but there were several times where a sentence or two would just completely get me and tears would appear. It took me less than 4 hours one weekend afternoon to get through this one. After finishing Glass Castle I wasn’t sure what I wanted to read next and I had purchased this book for one of my daughters after reading the back cover. I didn’t realize until now that this is actually coming out in a movie this year too. I don’t know that I can watch it at the theatre because I’m sure I’ll sniffle through the whole thing. Not just sniffle, but ugly cry. The story follows 17 year old Mia after she is in a terrible accident and she has to decide weather or not she will “stay”. Also, I just realized there is a book written after this. I’m gonna need that one!

If I Stay

So there ya have it, what I read in March. I’ll be back next month, er this month, with my April list. Let’s be real. It’ll probably be late May before I get that done. Who am I kidding! As long as it’s not June I’m ok with that!

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This Old House : Time To Paint The House

Here’s the thing, I’m the WORST at making decisions. Like, the worst. Seriously.

I remember when we were choosing names for kids. Saying that we were going to definitely use one name could send me into panic mode. Because, of course, what about all the OTHER names we hadn’t yet heard. Maybe we were missing something even better!

See, I have issues.

So, as you may or may not know we bought this new/old house back in August. We have since started several projects to update the home a bit, including a detached garage so that we can turn the current garage into more space we need. It’s time to paint the garage and I have talked my husband into painting the house as well. Actually, since we have already walled in what used to be the existing garage door it needs to be painted anyway. Plus, the garage is a bit of a different style than the current home and I think painting it all the same color will help tie them in together. Right? Just go with me.

There is a house near us that I smile at every time I see it. It just makes me happy. It’s green. Green makes me happy. I mentioned to Brad a few months ago that I really liked it and to my surprise, he said he did too. We decided at that point that we would paint the new garage green, just like that house.

Well, now that it’s time to actually paint I’m having second thoughts. I found out the colors that were used on the green house. When I looked them up, I started thinking I wanted something a little bit darker. Brad thinks lighter is better. So, we looked at our Sherwin Williams colors and decided that SW7726 Lemon Verbena was a good compromise. However, because I’m terrified of painting the entire house a color and then hating it, I decided to get a couple different colors to make sure they looked good. So yesterday, I picked up a same of the Lemon Verbena and also one of SW7729 Edamame (which Brad thought was too dark from the swatch).

The problem is, that I didn’t just love either one of those once I got them up. So, back to the paint store I went. This time, I decided to get one of the original colors from the green house as well as a dark green color that had a bit more blue in it, SW6179 Artichoke.

Here’s the thing though…I started thinking that I might want blue instead of green. See, I have issues. I found this super cute blue house in the same neighborhood as the green house. I have no idea what color it is but I just think it looks awesome!

I tried to find a blue that might be similar but Sadie was with me and thought the sample I chose was too dark and convinced me to go with SW6515 Leisure Blue.

Um, also, on the way to the paint store the second time I drove through campus and we found a house that has brick very similar to ours and was painted a really pretty blue on the siding. I may or may not have gotten out of the car and held my sample swatch up to the house and found that SW7611 Tranquil Aqua was a perfect match.

Once we returned from the paint store, I got busy painting the four new samples. You know that one green that I went back for? Well, they goofed and gave me a creamy yellow instead. Because I couldn’t bear the thought of going back again, I went ahead and tried that out just to see what it looked like.

So here’s what we have. From left to right: Lemon Verbena, Edamame, Artichoke, Leisure Blue, Tranquil Aqua and Creamy Crescent.

I’m fighting the urge to head back to the store and grab another couple of paint samples. We’re torn here on Black Oak. Brad doesn’t love any of them. He’s back to, “What about a nice tan. Or just white. White is good.” I want something different, because that’s how I roll. I have a couple faves here and so do the girls but none of us are sure we all like the same thing. It’s like trying to decide where to eat after church on Sunday. Everyone wants something different.

The painters will be here on Monday. I’m scared. Someone hold me.

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What I’m reading – February 2014

Yes, it’s the middle of March and I’m just now sharing the books I read in February.  I’ve been busy.  Reading.  (Also, working and spring-breaking and whatnot but it sounds better that I’ve been reading so let’s stick with that.




Something cool happened after I posted my January reading list. One of my good friends in town sent me a text to say that she really liked my blog post and my New Year goal of reading more. She loves to read herself and didn’t realize that I was a book nerd too. She had also seen the list of books to read before they became movies this year. Then…she suggested we read together! Well, kind of. For the last month and a half we have read some of the same books at the same time. We’ve also just shared what we were reading and what we thought about it. It has been really cool to have a reading buddy, especially when some of the books we are reading are a struggle to get through.

That brings me to the first book I read in February. It was one from the movie list and Courtney and I decided to read it at the same time.

Here’s the thing, if Courtney hadn’t been reading this along side me I never would have finished this book. Seriously, NEVER. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. It was a non-fiction, which is my least favorite so I knew it could be rough, but the story seemed like it was going to be interesting enough to keep me enthralled. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely is interesting. The Monuments Men were a group of men established during the war, made up mostly of museum directors, curators, art scholars/educators, artists, architects and archivists. Their job description was to save as much of the culture of Europe as they could during combat. I don’t know about you, but that’s not something that I have ever givien much thought to, the fact that during wars so much cultural things can be lost. My issue with this book was just that I didn’t love the author’s way of telling the story. There was a lot of jumping around between different time periods, a lot of roping the reader into a particular story and then jumping somewhere else and never finishing the initial story. It was so very frustrating! Courtney felt the same way as I did and we would text each other while reading to encourage the other to keep on. It did get a little bit more interesting as it went on but for me, at least, it was a real struggle to finish. The saving grace of finishing this book was that once we finished, we treated ourselves to a double date with our hubbies and finished it off with a trip to the movie theater to watch Monuments Men on the big screen. (This might be the only time you hear me say I thought the movie was better than the book!)

Book number 2 for February was The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

After struggling to get through the last book over the course of a couple of weeks, I dove right into this and couldn’t put it down. I had planned on reading something else at this point but both of my youngest girls had recently read this and it was handy. (Meaning, I had to walk to the other room to get the book I planned on reading and this one happened to be in the same room as me. Yep, that’s how I roll.)

Also, this was further proof that I really like books aimed at teenagers. Whatev.

If you know me at all, you know that I don’t generally do well with stories dealing with cancer. This just happens to be about cancer. Specifically, teenagers with cancer. With a love story thrown in for good measure. Cause, you know, teenager book. Again…whatev.

I finished the month off with The Hiding Place, about the life of Corrie Ten Boom.

I really loved this book. Corrie’s life and what she accomplished for the mission is an amazing story. There were several times through out the book that I thought “Wow! This lady is amazing!”. I’m not a big fan of reading books more than once but I will definitely read this one again.

So there you go, my February reading list recap. Stay tuned for March’s list coming up in a couple weeks. Unless I am a slacker again and forget to post when I’m supposed to. Also, be sure to share any books you think I should add to my list, I’m always looking for great book suggestions!

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