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Stella : Stillwater Oklahoma Photographer

This. Girl.


I love her! I really do. We had a whole wonderful session planned out for this amazing 13 year old. New head shots, some shots in her acolyte robe at her church, dance shots, some amazing balloon ideas and then we were going to finish it all off with some crazy fun 80′s styled shots. Then…

we looked at the forecast. Rain. We probably could have handled the rain. But the addition of wind chills below freezing put the final damper on things.

We were SO bummed, but then Stella’s mom suggested we do some indoor head shots and then go over to the church to do the shots there and I was like, “YES! That’s what we need to do!”

So we did. Except we had way too much fun at our first location doing the head shots so we never even made it to the church. It was an absolute blast and Stella is incredibly beautiful both inside and out!

And while the session was truly amazing…I’m SO taking this girl out to do the 80′s shoot when it warms up again!

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Mine : Stillwater Oklahoma Photographer

When I first started this photography business a couple years ago my own kids were often victims of new ideas and locations. Actually, even long before that I almost always had a camera aimed at their faces. They’ve come to just know that Mom usually has a camera in her hands. And it is often pointed at them. One of these days they will appreciate all the images that they have of their childhood. That is, if I ever make it through them all and edit and print them. That’s another story though.

So since my business has really taken off (thanks to all of my wonderful clients!) the camera doesn’t come out at home as much anymore. My kids usually only see it now at school or church events or for birthday celebrations and holiday’s. With the exception of Eli, my kids actually secretly like being in front of my camera. Madi has been asking for months when I was going to take pictures of her. It’s been almost a year since she had a “photo shoot” and she has been anxious to try out some new locations that we’ve run across. So after asking and asking and asking she finally just scheduled herself a session with me. For real, she did. I opened my calendar one day to see that she was my next appointment.

I generally edit my photos in the order that they were taken. Personal photos get put on a huge wait list though and are edited when I have free time. Which is rare. Since Madi wanted so desperately to have some updated pictures of herself I decided to actually edit them when they came up and not let them get lost in my personal folder. She’s like a real client. *wink*

Now if I can just get my other kids scheduled!






My guess is that she won’t like this picture that much. The downfall of being the photographer’s daughter is that I get to use whatever images I want to. I love this one. Her smile and laugh are absolutely contagious!


Yes. We found and shopping cart. Yes. I made her get in it. It was awesome.




I love you sweet Madilee. You are absolutely beautiful inside and out. Thanks for being mine!

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