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Elizabeth : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Much like her sister, Elizabeth always has a smile on her face. Although, I feel like she may be the more serious of the two. I could be totally wrong though, that happens from time to time. Elizabeth marches to the beat of her own drum (see what I did there?) and plans to leave Stillwater for college. You do you girl, glad you aren’t planning to go far though! Here are some of my favorites of Elizabeth from our session.


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Kate : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I was so excited to document senior pictures for Kate and her sister Elizabeth this year. I shot their brother (with a camera of course!) a couple years ago and I love repeat friends. Although, these three come from a friend of my own from, um, a couple years ago. Their mom Bethany and I actually grew up together and somehow both ended up in the same town. Though we don’t get to see each other that often, it’s always great to catch up!

These are some of my favorite images of Kate. Y’all. She can throw that gun REALLY high and still catch it. It’s quite amazing if you ask me! She’s rarely without a smile when I see her. So fun!

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Carter : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

True story, I used to sniff this kids head every time I saw him.  To be fair, he was like 3 at the time so that’s not nearly as awkward as it seems.  :)   We FINALLY managed to find a time to get together and take his senior pictures and he will soon be an official high school grad! (Thanks C19 for ruining all the grad plans around here.  Sheesh.)  Carter, do big things next year at OSU and the Pike house.

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