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Caroline : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I’ve watched this girl grow up since she was in elementary school and now it’s time for her senior year. Can’t believe it! We had a lot of fun during her senior session last month. We lucked out with good weather even though we were afraid it might be too wet after some rain. Luckily, we kept our appointment and ended up with some fantastic shots.

Caroline, I can’t wait to see what you end up doing next year. Enjoy the rest of your senior year, it’ll be over before you know it!


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Sadie in June : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I don’t guess I can put it off any longer. School starts this week and this girl will officially be a S E N I O R. I don’t know how I’m going to handle having a senior for the next two years. I anticipate there will be a lot of tears.

When Madilee, my oldest, was a senior we did a mini-session every month starting in August. Eli wasn’t interested in doing that. Surprise. However, Sadie was interested and wanted to add June and July. So here is the first of her monthly sessions for the next year. (When I say it that way, it seems a long way off!)

We visited one of my besties in California in June and spent some time in Joshua Tree National Park. It was hot. It took forever. We didn’t have enough water with us. But…it was amazing. It’s amazing that these trees only grow in this area. That those little cholla cacti are so cute and fuzzy looking but if you get near them they will totally attach to you. That this national park has more square footage than the entire state of Maine. WHAT?!

There might have been some whining but I think it was worth it. Yeah, I’d say it was definitely worth it.

Sweet Sadie Bug, I hope you have the very best senior year. I love you!

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Sadie : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Last senior of 2018 y’all!  Sadie swims with my youngest so I “sort of” know her but hadn’t ever really spent much time with her.  Man, had I been missing out!  We had so much fun during her session, especially when we got to her house and all the animals came out.  I might have come home telling my husband that we need a couple ducks and chickens.  ;)

Good luck at OSU next year Sadie!

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