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What’s Next?

Are you guys ready for some changes?  I am!

This past weekend, Brad and I traveled to Dallas so that I could attend The What’s Next Tour put on by Justin and Mary Marantz. (Is my husband amazing for driving me down there, spending the whole day by himself and then driving me back while I called it “a weekend away together”? Why yes. Yes he is.) I’ve been to a couple smaller scale photographry shin-digs over the last couple of years but this was the first time I felt like I was really investing in my business the way I should be. Don’t get me wrong, I learned a few things at those other events but not enough to really jump start some much needed changes in my business. I had high hopes that this one would be different and for once…I was right!

Mary’s portion of the day was definitely my favorite. No offense to Justin, who put on a great talk about lighting where I picked up some awesome gems I can’t wait to put into use at my next wedding! But for real, Mary spoke to my heart. She spoke about fear and in doing so, uncovered some business fears that I didn’t realize that I had. I was all caught up in her discussion of all the yuck that comes with being afraid when she hit me upside the head with “What’s your ‘next’?”


I don’t know. I mean, there are SO many things that I would like to do (NEED to do!) in my business. I would like to blog more regularly, because I really do enjoy writing. I desperately need to update my website that shows images from the first years of my business and just really doesn’t reflect who I am as a photographer today. I have to find a way to not be working all day every day. I’m thinking about these and all sorts of other things when Mary let’s us know that we are going to have to share our answer. Ugh. Seriously?! This is where it got real y’all.

With Madi currently finishing up her senior year and me wondering if I’ve been the best Mom I could be over the years, I decided that my What’s Next had to be to figure out a way not to always be working. While I do love my job as a photographer, there have been far too many “not nows” and “I can’ts” because of my job. Something has to change. So when Mary got to me that’s what I told her. And then…she made me go deeper.

Yeah she did.

That’s what was terrific about the day. It wasn’t just a think-about-what-you-need-to-work-on and then go do it on your own kind of day. Mary took the time to address each one of us there and find out what the core problem was and what we needed to do about it. Then we went even further and broke off into small groups (shout out to my new friend Ashley of Jen and Ashley who was my groups fearless leader!). There we had an open table discussion and everyone shared and helped each other. In a career where I see more and more photographers not willing to help each other, this was a very welcome change. Plus, I made new friends. BONUS!

I left the day with my mind just reeling with ideas and possibilities for Now here I am, back at home and ready to implement some of those ideas! Over the course of this year you’ll be seeing a lot of changes around here. I hope you’ll buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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Thank You!

This is a belated post but I couldn’t let anymore time go by without giving a huge shout out to all of my wonderful clients and friends.

We don’t subscribe to the local newspaper. We did once in the past,but as the paper just piled up higher and higher without us reading it we finally decided to cancel it. So it wasn’t a big surprise that I didn’t know much about a Reader’s Choice contest that the Newpress was doing. In fact, I only learned about it when Sadie’s dance teacher sent out an email reminding us to all be sure to vote for our favorite dance studio.

So on August 1 (my birthday!) I had a friend grab me a newspaper and I voted for my favorite dance studio in town. Then I had a real “aha!” moment. (It was actually more of a “duh” moment.) I realized there were other categories and Favorite Photographer was one of them. Oh fun! So being super modest, I voted for myself and turned the paper in that day since it was the deadline. Then I sort of forgot about it.

Until…I got an email from the Newspress saying I had won! Well, I won second place. But I’m not sure I can tell you how excited I was. Little old ME got second place as Stillwater’s Favorite Photographer next to a storefront photographer that has been here for years and years. And I got my very own framed certificate. And…I made my kid take an iPhone pic of me with my award.

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for voting for me. Too all my super duper amazing clients who turned in a ballot because you felt I was worthy of this award. Thank you.

And now, one of our local magazines is hosting the Stillwater Living’s Best of Stillwater 2012. If you have a chance, I’d love it if you could go leave a review for me there under my business name. All you’ll need to do is go here. You’ll have to create an account if you don’t already have one but it just takes a minute to do. Once you do that, you’ll be able to leave a review for me. And if you feel like it le you’re there…place a vote for me too! ;)

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Madilee : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

If you’ve ever been to my blog before then you’ve seen this girl. Probably fairly often. She just so happens to be mine and although I tried with all my might to make it not happen, she has reached the final year of high school. Yep, my baby is a senior. And as the photogramom (a term she recently gave me) I have decided to do things a little bit different. We plan to do a mini-session every month of her senior year. Yep. That’s a lot of Madi. But hey, I’m the photogramom. I can if I want!

For her August session we hit up the Payne County Fair. I’d been wanting to do this for a long time but the fair never seemed to be around at the same time that I had a willing client. Between our two super busy schedules, I wasn’t sure if we were going to get to the fair for Madi’s session but we finally carved out some time and made it work. And it was SO fun. Madi loves riding rides and I love watching her enjoy herself so much. I think these images show how much fun we had!

I took pictures of Madi a couple of years ago and she covered her eyes up with sunflowers. I think by the end of her senior year she’ll have quite the collection of similar pictures!

Token eyes!

She was able to convince Teagan to ride this one with her. I love how Madi is just smiling at the camera and Teagan looks like she is terrified.

When your county fair is as small as ours is, it’s more likely that you’ll get photo bombed by a friend. Thanks Steve.

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