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4th of July fun


After shooting Kayla’s wedding in Enid on the 3rd we spent the night and then headed back to Stillwater on the morning of the 4th. Hopeful that the rain we had in Enid was much more than what Stillwater got, we arrived to find that the annual Boomer Blast had been postponed because it was too wet. Sad times. We were glad to be invited over to the Shields house for the festivities there and after a stop to the firework stand for the purchase of some sparkler’s and some huge over-priced package called “Goliath” we were on our way.

The rain continued as Brad and Waylon got busy at the grill and everyone started arriving.


Before long it let up a bit and Eli and Luke set out to start some fires. I mean, fireworks. Then several others joined in the fun of blowing stuff up.




Soon a soccer game broke out in the yard. Wet grass + sweaty boys = smelly stuff. Just sayin’.



This is Austin. I’m pretty sure he just made a goal. He gets pretty excited.


Seriously. It was a super muddy wet mess.



There were puppies at the Shields house and Teagan LOVED them. I think that kid is going to be a vet when she gets older. She just loves animals so much! Sadly the puppies had a major case of fleas so they were confined in the barn. After watching Teagan’s sad eyes and listening to the whining about how much she wanted to see them Rachel gave Teagan’s favorite pup a bath and let her hold her. Major points for Rachel here.


And then, all of the sudden…it was dark! Bring on the fireworks! Bonus of being out of city limits is that you can shoot off all sorts of stuff. Good times. Good, loud times.



That dark spot in the middle of this one is the shadow of two people standing between me and the fireworks.





It still sprinkled off and on throughout the evening and when it did, we just took cover.



My favorite part of the night was having the kids play with sparklers and “writing” for me. I hadn’t tried this before but had seen it. It was SO much fun!





Then it was back inside for more visiting and some serious card games. Not gonna lie, these games can get intense. Really. Really. Intense.




Madi had fun hanging out with Hadley and Macy. When I went to see what they were up to Macy saw my camera and decided to strike a pose. Or two. Or…four.


So although it was wet and rainy and dreary on the 4th, we had an awesome time with some of our best friends. We’re so blessed to have such great friends!

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Going to the chapel


Isn’t it supposed to still be January? I don’t know what has happened to the last few months but somehow here it is May 12th and I’m headed to Colorado for my sisters wedding. Wow! If you need to contact me while I’m gone feel free to email me at margo.stewart@brightok.net. I have several sneak peeks and galleries that will be shared next week. I SO hoped to get them done before I left today but that Margo Clone I ordered didn’t arrive in time. Maybe she’ll be here when I get home Sunday night. Better yet, maybe she’ll get here after I leave and I’ll come home to a clean house.

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madigan.e.photography photo sessions are FUN!

If you want a really serious down to business never sarcastic photographer then I’m probably not your girl. Just sayin’…

I just loaded this session to start on their sneak peek and giggled the whole way through remembering how much fun we had. I’m not sure if the mom’s had that much fun but the kids did. For the most part. Jackson and Olivia are old pro’s when it comes to being in front of  my camera but their cousins Lilly and Allie were in for a treat. Lilly, the older sister, was pretty much not interested in having me take her picture. At all. So we just let her kind of do her thing. Of course at that point baby sister Allie was happy but then her little tummy started feeling icky so then she got fussy just when Lilly decided I really wasn’t that bad. I mean, I had a cool stroller…and I let her bunny sit in it. That’s cool, right?

So here are three shots from when we convinced Lilly that she should be in the picture. You should know that prior to this Allie was having a bottle and Lilly was getting to push her bunny around in the stroller.  So here they are, all in the same general area.  All fairly happy.  You can sort of sense that maybe Lilly isn’t crazy about the fact that Allie is in the stroller and she’s sort of trying to get it out to roll around again.


I had my son Eli with me as my assistant that day and his one job during this time was to make sure Allie didn’t fall out of the stroller. If she even moved a smidge he was to dive in and catch her. I was trying to keep Olivia in position looking at me and told her Eli would get Allie if he needed to but she kept feeling the urge to reach out and grab her. Mostly because by this point Lilly was pretty frustrated and was beginning to rock the stroller from side to side.

And finally we come to this.  The stroller was shaking enough that Eli ran in to save the baby just as Olivia couldn’t contain her laughter anymore.  Jackson is just amused at whatever Eli’s saying about being the baby-saver.  And then there’s Lilly…who up until this point wouldn’t smile.  Look at her now.  She’s thrilled!

So see, we have tons of fun!  Seriously!  Honestly I really do love my clients and I love making them laugh and feel comfortable like we’re all just hanging out and I just happen to have a really big camera in front of my face.  You get a whole experience when you use madigan.e.photography. 

Also…no babies were harmed in the shooting of this session.

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