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In case you hadn’t heard

I usually don’t like to brag. I mean, it’s just not very flattering.  Ya know?  I thought about not sharing this but then decided that my fans might not have heard about it yet.  I’m just trying to keep you all informed. 

In case you try to reach me and I’m not available, please know that my schedule is really getting busy with all these appearances.   I’ll be having dinner with Angie and Brad and the kiddos tonight.  Just trying to smooth things over a bit.

Mom Of The Year

In other news, a huge thank you to my great friend Rita for the nomination!  Love you!!!!

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Eli for President!

I used to have a personal blog where I posted family related things.  Then I got so busy with my new photography business and keeping up with this blog that my old one has been sadly ignored. Pass The BonBon’s hasn’t been updated in quite some time so I’ve decided to just document my personal stories here on my photography blog. So you’ll kind of get a two-fer when checking in. How’s that sound? I’ll try it for a bit at least and see how it goes.

So…Eli’s running for president! He texted me after school yesterday to tell me. By the time I made it home after my photo session he had already come up with a poster idea. Like his mom, Eli doesn’t do anything small. He went all out on this project as I’m sure he will for his school if he’s elected. I’m so proud of this kid. He is witty and personable and sincere and funny. Not to mention, he’s pretty cute! I am so completely blessed to have him for my son! Ok, enough gushing. Here’s his awesome poster design.


And here he is doing his presidential serious look while holding his poster.

Elections are Monday so he took the two posters he made last night to school this morning to hang up. Sadly, within 10 minutes of having them up one had a moustache drawn on it and the other had been taken. We knew that would be a possibility but certainly expected them to make it a little bit longer. There are some kids that have been giving Eli a bit of a hard time lately. It hurts being a parent and knowing that your child isn’t happy at school all the time. Middle school is a hard time and kids are searching to find out who they really are. Unfortunately, that sometimes comes at the expense of people who used to be their friends. Not cool.

Hopefully Eli will be able to get his posters put back up without having anyone bother them. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be the mom of the president next week. Go Eli!

Leah Wirt posted the following on May 6, 2009 at 10:43 am.

I love the poster!!! He is so creative! Those kids are just jealous of his amazing talents and great personality. Eli will achieve great things in this life!

Sara Hudson posted the following on May 6, 2009 at 11:28 pm.

He definitely would have my vote! He is a great kid.

Shannon White posted the following on May 11, 2009 at 1:35 am.

Eli is THE cutest, I could totally see his awesome personality in the short time I met him!!!!!! And I know where he gets it!


Suzanne posted the following on May 16, 2009 at 5:47 pm.

Just put them in an unreachable spot : ) Eli is a great kid, and middle school is CrAzY! Eli is super cute, I am sure they are jealous.

Shelli M. posted the following on May 23, 2009 at 10:13 am.

Margo, what a GREAT poster idea! He comes by his talents naturally, I see! That breaks my heart how kids can be. They are just jealous he is so good looking! :) Hope he reaches all his dreams & goals this next year!

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Look at me!

So, I’ve mentioned time and time again that I had some serious blog issues.  Things just weren’t working out for me .  Mostly my pictures.  Teeny tiny pictures.  Not good when you wanna see the goods right?  Well lookie here, I’ve updated my blog.  Go me!  I’m still working on it and learning so please be patient as the changes continue to roll in.  I hope in the end this will serve as a place where you can come to view sneak peeks and actually be able to SEE the photos without having to click around.

If you’re looking for my old blog, you can still find that here.  http://madiganephotography.wordpress.com/




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