First day of school

Wow. Not sure how it happened. Weren’t we just gearing up for summer to begin? I must have blinked because it’s all over now. I am always amazed at how time just seems to be whizzing by faster and faster. Remember when we were little and the days just d r a g g e d on. Wish that would come back.

Everyone did a great job getting up this morning and I had a chance to get some pictures of them all before they headed off to the start of the new school year. Eli rode with his friend that lives across the street and when Madi heard him getting ready to leave she ran down to wish him luck and gave him a big hug. They really do love each other, even if they don’t always show it!


A few quick shots of him outside and then he headed over to catch his ride. Good luck on the first day Eli!




Madi has a friend who’s older brother was taking her to school. Usually, Madi will be riding the bus but she wanted to be able to walk into school on the first day with someone that she knew so Sam and her brother came and got her this morning. I’m not sure how my little Madi is a sophomore in high school. It doesn’t seem quite possible. Someone stop time!





Sadie got her hair cut last week. Then she wanted me to curl it for her this morning. She put this outfit together herself, complete with accessories. Is she really just a 4th grader?



Sweet Tea Pot is a 3rd grader already. Wow! Full of spunk and sassiness, just like I like her!




The house is so quiet today. Too quiet. I haven’t had to tell anyone to leave someone else alone all day long. No one needs me to help them get lunch. I am free from the dreaded “I’m bored” comments that started the day after school was out in May. Another year is upon us and as much as I’d like to make time stand still I have to admit that I am so incredibly PROUD of the awesome people that my children are becoming. God truly blessed me!