Home from Haiti

Our group got up at 5am on Saturday morning, traveled all day long and pulled into town around midnight. I’ve sorted through all the photos I took while we were there and will be adding them to Facebook later today. I hope to do a few blog posts featuring the pictures as well. So many of the images have stories that go along with them that I want to share.

This trip was very different than our trip last year. Our plans changed just days before we left. So trusting God to lead the way was pivotal for our group. Now that we are home, trusting God in what the next steps in our journey should be is our focus.

Thank you to everyone who supported our family through prayer and financial contributions. We appreciate you all so much! I hope you’ll enjoy seeing some of my favorite images from our time in Haiti last week. The video is long but I felt like I could have made it even longer and still not have included everything I wanted to. So forgive me for the length and be sure to check out my personal Facebook page in the next day or so for all of the images.