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10 on Tuesday

I had this all put together in my head yesterday (Tuesday) but never had a chance to get it posted. Sad. Maybe next week I’ll actually post on Tuesday. ;)

I remember years ago when I got married the shoes that I wore on my wedding day. They were plain and simple and matched my dress. My bridesmaids wore satin pumps, dyed to match their dresses. Classy, right? I don’t know about that but it was the trend back in the day. I’m loving the current trends in wedding shoe attire. Bridesmaids are wearing a mix and match of shoes in the same color which is so much nicer than the old school dyed to match jobs! Even better, brides are wearing shoes in array of colors and styles. I started noticing this years ago when brides were wearing blue shoes as their “something blue”. I think it sort of evolved from there because now brides are choosing shoes in colors to match their wedding theme or just colors that they simply love.

Today I’m sharing 10 of my past brides and friends shoe choices that I just love. Enjoy!

1. Sara wore a pair of sweet simple flats under her wedding dress while her bridesmaids all chose different styles in the same color. I love the ones with the ruffles on the top of the foot!

2. This is an old favorite from the very first wedding I shot. Leah wore these beautiful strappy heels with “I Do” on the soles.

3. My super short Sooner sister married a super tall Cowboy and sported the proper orange attire. She’s a smart Sooner!

4. Erin wore these sweet sandal-y shoes and then changed into her awesome cowboy boots for the reception so she could get her boot scootin’ boogie on.

5. Kayla wore these fun Steve Madden shoes for her super wet and rainy (but beautiful!) July wedding.

6. Check out these awesome silver strappy shoes that Tiffany wore for her nuptials. I love the bright pink peep toes that she chose for her bridesmaids too!

7. I loved Ashley’s sparkly flats. Gorgeous!

8. Even the groom got in on the action here. A pair of boots for a wonderful country couple.

9. I haven’t even done a sneak peek of this wedding yet because it JUST happened. But there’s no way I could leave Jenny’s amazing Vera Wang’s out of this lineup! (No, the color isn’t off in this image. That IS an amazing PINK wedding dress!)

10. These may be my favorite. No way I’d EVER be able to wear these but one of my bff’s Sue Ann wore these for her absolutely stunning wedding in June of 2010. If you haven’t seen that red sole before then you may not know that these are Christian Louboutin’s. If you don’t know what that means then let me tell you…super duper fancy schmancy.

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10 on Tuesday…er Wednesday

Maybe my 10 on Tuesday should be a game where you have to guess what day it actually gets posted. Wouldn’t that be fun?! This is such a busy time of year for me. Not just in regards to my business but as the mom of four kiddos things can get pretty hectic as school starts winding down. There’s definitely never a dull moment at my house!

Tonight I will be attending the 3rd annual Spring Fling at my church. Spring Fling is an annual event for Stillwater area girls in 6th – 12th grades and their moms/youth sponsors. The evening includes yummy treats, fun door prizes, and fantastic speakers to help these girls become the Godly women they were designed to be. Self-respect, modesty, purity, and discernment are some of the important topics that will be discussed. I was lucky enough to be asked to help with the program it’s first year and have been involved each year since. This year’s event includes a brief fashion show and I will be providing some fun commentary along with my co-host Seana. And while we are enjoying things at church, the boys will be hanging out across town at The Journey.

I’m so incredibly thankful for this ministry and what it teaches the young people in our lives. I’ve been talking with some friends lately about some kinda heavy stuff. You know how you sometimes hear about things and think that doesn’t really happen? Well, it does. Kids give into peer pressure. Young women are willing to freely give their bodies to boyfriends in search of acceptance. Young men are faced with purity issues just by looking at girls in the hallway who don’t realize how revealing their outfits are and how it affects their male counterparts. As a kid or young adult you may not realize how these actions can affect you as an adult.

But they can.

And they will.

Believe me. I know adults are still dealing with these actions and poor choices today. The sad thing is that many of them just didn’t have someone in their life, or a community of believers, to lead them in the right direction. I’m praying for our young men and women today. That their hearts will be open to the messages that they will hear tonight. That they will remain pure and enjoy their youth without muddling it up with what will become something in the future that they will constantly battle.

A friend recently shared the following links on Facebook and I thought they were awesome reminders to link to for my 10 on Tuesday. Plus, there is one for girls AND for boys. That’s like 20 on Tuesday! Bonus! Read them, share them…enjoy!

Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls

Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Boys

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10 on Tuesday

Ok, if you haven’t heard of The Voice then I think you have been living under a rock. For real. The show is currently in it’s second season and the third season will air this fall. And guess what…this girl is gonna win.

Wait. What?!

No, I’m not psychic and I don’t have some inside scoop that no one else knows about. I do however have ears and have heard her sing. And let me tell ya’ll… She. Is. Amazing.

Now, I may be a wee bit biased because she happens to be my friend but, when you hear her voice I think you’ll totally agree with me. Not only does she have an amazing voice but she is super fun, has a great personality, is cute as can be and loves the Lord. It just doesn’t get a whole lot better than that now does it?!

Nicki got word yesterday that her audition pack successfully made it to it’s final destination at The Voice. Waiting to hear back is going to be insanely hard. Ugh! I don’t know how I’m going to stand it! And um, I’m not even the one auditioning! ACK! So while we wait, I sent Nicki 10 questions and she’s giving me all the scoop so that you can get to know her.

1. When did you start singing?
I was born singing ;) Haha! Really it started when I was 14, I knew I had a gift and wanted to get better.

2. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Singer :) Then a teacher if I didn’t make it. (Pssst, hey Nicki…you’re gonna make it!)

3. What is your favorite music genre?
Country, soul, pop… I love it all!

4. Do you have any formal music training of any kind and if so what?
Just high school choir, my director was a genius and helped me become the singer I am now.

5. When you perform do you have any pre-show rituals or anything? Do you get nervous before going on?
I pray!!! I get terribly nervous til the first note comes out and then I feel great :)

6. Do you play any instruments? Are there any you wish you could play?
I don’t play any but I wish I could play guitar!

7. What musicians do you most admire?
Christina Aguilera is my hero vocally! She has never been afraid or ashamed to just be herself and rock it!
Mandisa is also incredible because her faith has never wavered and I admire that so much.

8. Do you ever write songs/Do you have any original material?
I play around with lyrics but since I don’t play an instrument it’s difficult to put them to music.

9. What is something that you think most people would be surprised to know about you?
I am TERRIFIED of mascots and people in masks… Especially Pistol Pete and Rumble the bison (Thunder mascot).

10. All right, what do those tats mean?
One is metanoia which is the Greek word meaning “a transformative heart”. It’s very special to me because that is what I strive for everyday, to be transformed by the renewing of my mind! The other is the Greek word tragoudo meaning “I sing”. Naturally that’s special to me because that is what I love to do more than anything!

Good luck good luck good LUCK Nicki! I can’t wait to find out what happens!

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