10 on Tuesday

I had this all put together in my head yesterday (Tuesday) but never had a chance to get it posted. Sad. Maybe next week I’ll actually post on Tuesday. 😉

I remember years ago when I got married the shoes that I wore on my wedding day. They were plain and simple and matched my dress. My bridesmaids wore satin pumps, dyed to match their dresses. Classy, right? I don’t know about that but it was the trend back in the day. I’m loving the current trends in wedding shoe attire. Bridesmaids are wearing a mix and match of shoes in the same color which is so much nicer than the old school dyed to match jobs! Even better, brides are wearing shoes in array of colors and styles. I started noticing this years ago when brides were wearing blue shoes as their “something blue”. I think it sort of evolved from there because now brides are choosing shoes in colors to match their wedding theme or just colors that they simply love.

Today I’m sharing 10 of my past brides and friends shoe choices that I just love. Enjoy!

1. Sara wore a pair of sweet simple flats under her wedding dress while her bridesmaids all chose different styles in the same color. I love the ones with the ruffles on the top of the foot!

2. This is an old favorite from the very first wedding I shot. Leah wore these beautiful strappy heels with “I Do” on the soles.

3. My super short Sooner sister married a super tall Cowboy and sported the proper orange attire. She’s a smart Sooner!

4. Erin wore these sweet sandal-y shoes and then changed into her awesome cowboy boots for the reception so she could get her boot scootin’ boogie on.

5. Kayla wore these fun Steve Madden shoes for her super wet and rainy (but beautiful!) July wedding.

6. Check out these awesome silver strappy shoes that Tiffany wore for her nuptials. I love the bright pink peep toes that she chose for her bridesmaids too!

7. I loved Ashley’s sparkly flats. Gorgeous!

8. Even the groom got in on the action here. A pair of boots for a wonderful country couple.

9. I haven’t even done a sneak peek of this wedding yet because it JUST happened. But there’s no way I could leave Jenny’s amazing Vera Wang’s out of this lineup! (No, the color isn’t off in this image. That IS an amazing PINK wedding dress!)

10. These may be my favorite. No way I’d EVER be able to wear these but one of my bff’s Sue Ann wore these for her absolutely stunning wedding in June of 2010. If you haven’t seen that red sole before then you may not know that these are Christian Louboutin’s. If you don’t know what that means then let me tell you…super duper fancy schmancy.

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