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Olivia : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I’ve gone to church with Olivia and her family for many years and so I’ve watched her grow from a little girl into the stunning young woman that she is today. It makes me a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

So, I have a thing for girls that don’t fit the regular mold. You know, blondes generally have blue eyes. Right? Not me, I grew up blonde as blonde could be and have what my mom called “butterscotch” colored eyes. That was when people didn’t color their hair quite as much as they do now and my mom was worried I’d feel different and bought me a special doll that had coloring like mine. You’re probably like, “Woah. What does this have to do with senior pictures?” I’m getting there. Hold your horses. So, on the opposite spectrum, you don’t generally see girls with dark hair have blue eyes. Think about it. I’m right. So I’ve always thought Olivia was just kind of extra special because would you just look at those eyes of hers? And her hair? Is she a mermaid or something? Also, please pay special attention to those lashes. Yeah. They are hers. Not fair right? And…because it’s what’s on the inside that really counts, Olivia is as sweet as can be. Ugh. I’m getting verklempt again.

Being as smitten as I am with her pictures (and also maybe a wee bit extra tired this week), I’m splitting her sneak peek in two parts. Honestly, I just couldn’t narrow it down to less than what I have. So enjoy this beautiful girls sneak peek part 1 and come back tomorrow for part 2!

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Julia : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I had so much fun with Julia for her senior session. I’ve known her mother for years but have never had the pleasure of meeting Julia and she was an absolute joy. As you’ll see, she loves music. And I’d have to say that the music loves her. She has been given a beautiful gift and I got to hear her play and sing and let me just say that having background music during a photo session makes it that much more fun. We ended the session abruptly as a big storm was moving in but we got lots of great stuff before that happened. Thanks Julia (and Kaitlyn!) for hanging with me for your senior session. Enjoy your sneak peek!


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Callie : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I had a BLAST with Callie and her people during her senior session.  They came to hang from Owasso for her senior session and I’m so glad they did.  We did a whole lotta laughing and quite a bit of picture taking.  Two of my very favorite things!  I hope your senior year has started out great Callie.  Can’t wait to have you here in Stillwater next year.  I know you think you’re going to Arkansas but let’s be real, you should come here.  ;)

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