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Tiffany : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

This girl and her family…I like them.  Like, a lot.  Maybe it’s because they speak fluent sarcasm just like I do.  Or maybe it’s because when I see one of them around town they act genuinely happy to see me.  Maybe they are really good actors?  Whatever it is, they are totally on the short list for people to hang out with if I ever run away from home.  Not that I anticipate that will happen but just in case.  Ya know?

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Conner : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Um, I’m pretty sure there weren’t guys that look like this when I was in high school.  Just sayin’.  This is one really good looking kid!  Also, he’s funny and reminded me of trying to take pictures of my son so he totally won points for that.

Thanks for an awesome session Conner.  Best of luck with your art in college!

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Elizabeth : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

This is the second senior I’ve had the pleasure of shooting for this family.  The family is full of amazing talented children who are growing into even more amazing adults.  So hanging out with them is always full of great conversation.  It just so happens that they are also full of laughs and tons of fun, which is always a blast.  Thanks Elizabeth for being so great to hang out with!

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