Throwback Thursday

I’m SO close to being all caught up with my work. Which makes me feel like I’ve just climbed to the tippity-top of Mt. Everest. Seriously. This NEVER happens. And the idea of being able to actually take some time to work on editing some personal stuff before the slew of the spring busy season picks up again makes me giddy. GIDDY, I tell you!

So, in this weeks issue of #tbt I’m sharing images from last May. This family has a daughter the same age as my oldest and they played volleyball together for several years. While they were good friends, I feel like that friendship paled in comparison to that of Sadie and Cole. Those two cracked his mother and me up with their friendship and varying degrees of it. We found out last spring that the family would be relocating to the Houston area because of Dad’s job and I just hated to see them go. Thank goodness for Facebook so I can keep up with them! 😉 Cole just celebrated his 14th birthday so I felt like this was a great time finally edit the images from his going-away party.

He’s not around every day but Sadie and her friends still talk to him often. (How come we didn’t have SnapChat and texting when my good friends moved away?) I am just so thankful for this group of kids. This is usually the age when they start to kind of separate and so many of these kids have just remained the best of friends. It makes this Mom’s heart happy! I remember the night I took these photos. I wasn’t able to get over to the party until it was late and the light was awful and it was super windy. Taking them, I just kept thinking about how technically BAD they were and how I should have brought my tripod to steady the camera so that I could shoot at a lower ISO. But you know what? All these months later, as I edit them (finally), I’m realizing that it doesn’t matter how perfect the images are. What matters is that these kids can look back at this and remember. Remember how Sadie wouldn’t get up from that chair because she was sitting on the flag that everyone was trying to capture. Remember what it felt like running around the yard in their bare feet chasing each other. Remember how much fun it can be to hang out with friends and not be on the computer/phone/game system/etc. It’s kinda like the good old days. Am I right?

We miss you Meacham family!