The McNickle Family : Stillwater Oklahoma Family Photographer

The last family I posted? Remember them? Well, these are their bff’s. How cute are they?!

It’s amazing how Wyatt and Will are each exactly like one of their parents. Wyatt is so calm and uses big words and will engage you in a conversation and he’s willing to do anything I ask him to do during our session, just like his Daddy. Will is…well, he’s a lot like his Mom. 😉 I love it cause Kerry and I are pretty similar so him being a little ball of energy is just my style. Plus, how can you look at that face and not giggle? He’s SUCH a cutie!

Our session was on a super duper windy day but we still managed to get some great shots. Thanks guys!

Will thought this was a dandelion and was determined to “blow” it. After a while Wyatt started helping. Love Kerry and Zach in the background getting such a kick out of them!

Wyatt totally posed himself. I think he has a future as a male model.

That image on the right? That was just after he he stuck his tongue out. I know you aren’t supposed to laugh when kids do things like that. Um, I may have giggled.