Cooper : Stillwater Oklahoma Children’s Photographer

I’ve been photographing this sweet thing since he was just a tiny little new baby. I have just loved watching him grow over the last couple of years. He just turned 2 but I swear he’s like an adorable little man. Of course, with parents as good looking as his and a Mom who has an astounding sense of style (she owns the Wooden Nickel!), it’s no doubt that he’s adorable.

We pulled out the little blue car that we’ve posed him in so many times before for this session. It’s going to be so neat to have all of these reminders of his size!

I’m a sucker for these big brown eyes!


A peek into what Cooper will be as a driver. Smiling and waving to his friends on the road…

…and possibly a little road rage.

Of course, we always have just a couple tears in the blue car. The difference with him being 2 is that now he can get out and run away!