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Seth : Tulsa Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Internet, meet my nephew Seth.¬† ūüôā¬† He’s been through a heck of a lot in the last year.¬† After trying to find answers as to why he had been feeling so awful it was found that he was in complete kidney failure.¬† What?¬† How does that even happen?!¬† His body just kept adjusting to the […]

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Theordore : Tulsa Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

I remember when I first saw Denise. She was singing and I remember thinking “I want to be her friend”. That was our freshman year of high school and we did end up being friends, the kind that you would write “LYLAS” to on the back of your school picture. You know, BFF’s. In fact, […]

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Mi Familia : Tulsa Oklahoma Family Photographer

Things have been pretty crazy around here these days. ¬†I mean, things with me¬†always seem to be crazy. ¬†In fact, my middle name Elizabeth is latin for crazy. ¬†So ¬†anyway, extra cray around here. ¬†Because of ¬†said craziness, I’ve been putting off editing this session for my sister from back in JULY because, well, she’s […]

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