Seth : Tulsa Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Internet, meet my nephew Seth.  🙂  He’s been through a heck of a lot in the last year.  After trying to find answers as to why he had been feeling so awful it was found that he was in complete kidney failure.  What?  How does that even happen?!  His body just kept adjusting to the changes until it was all “Um, no more.  Help!”  So after months of daily dialysis some angel lady in Arizona gave him a kidney and now look at him!  His insides are super happy and so are his outsides because he’s almost done with high school.   Whew!

We had a great time in Tulsa shooting his senior pictures.  I have as many bloopers as I do great shots.  That’s always fun, especially when they involve my favorite brown eyed sister.  lol  Love you Seth, I’m super proud of you!