Jackie : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Once upon a time in a land that doesn’t seem that far away I was a little girl who looked up to my older sister. At seven years older than me, she was pretty much awesome. And she was a cheerleader. AND she had the coolest friends ever. One of those friends was Lisa Payne. (Never just Lisa, always Lisa Payne.) I remember Lisa as always smiling and friendly and SO super cute with dimples.

Fast forward a “couple” years and sweet Lisa Payne contacted me all the way from Colorado to take her daughter’s senior pictures. Honored? Absolutely! Lisa’s daughter Jackie is every bit as beautiful as I remember her Mom at that age. Bonus…she has the dimples!

Lisa and Jackie and Grandma…thanks for making the trip all the way to Stillwater America. Madi and I had a ton of fun with you guys and so wish you lived closer. We would SO be friends!

Huge shout out to my friends Ashley and Ryan who own this amazing orange Chevy. A ’65 maybe? I think that’s right. All I know is that it is awesome. We were so grateful that Ashley offered it up as a prop even though Ryan was in Rwanda at the time and unable to give his consent. Don’t worry Ryan, we were extra careful with her! (I’m assuming it’s a her, cause she’s orange and all.)

The strip is a fun place to shoot. The problem is, no matter what time you’re there you will likely run into someone coming out of a bar wanting to be in your pictures. This guy came out just as I was giving Jackie some direction. He liked the way she looked. So he wanted to pose with her. And then he yelled, several times, his digits for us to call. Hopefully he isn’t waiting by the phone.

I just have to add this girl in here. This is a neopolitan mastiff that we ran into. She is 8 MONTHS OLD. Yep, this is a puppy. A really really ginormous HUGE puppy!

Another big huge thank you to my friends The Kendricks who let me hang with their horsies. We got there just as the sun was setting and the light was absolutely delicious!

See? What did I tell you about the light?

Have a fantastic senior year Jackie! And know that if you decide to come to school here you are always welcome at our home!