Hadley : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photography

So there is this sweet little boy named Cooper that I have photographed since he was a newborn. He’s 3 now and is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Seriously. Let me show you…

See, told ya.

So when Cooper learned that he was going to be a big brother, he decided that the baby would be named Peaches. All through the pregnancy, he referred to his little sister as Baby Peaches. When his parents decided to name his sister Hadley, he was convinced her name would be Hadley Peaches. Now that she’s here and her name is Hadley Elizabeth, Cooper says she doesn’t need two middle names. He still calls her Peaches and that’s all he refers to her as. “Mom, where is Peaches?” “Dad, let’s go check on Peaches.”

I die.

And let me just say, that she is the SWEETEST little peach. She was perfect for me during her newborn session and soon we are going to get together again to do a whole family session. I can’t wait!

Hey, do you follow me on Instagram? If so then you may have seen me recently post about working on a project for my newborn session the next day. This was that session, and this is what I started with.

And this outfit she’s wearing here is what it ended up being!

Isn’t she just beautiful?!

She likes to smile. Smiling is her favorite.

Um, this is her room. I can’t even! GORGEOUS!