First day of spring?

It’s the first day of spring 2010. The last Saturday of our spring break. I spent yesterday afternoon shooting Lacey’s senior pictures. It was 75 degrees and at one point Lacey was sportin’ a tank top and shorts. The weather men said that we were in for some snow…blizzard like conditions…12-22 inches possible. But really, how on earth can that happen when it was 75 yesterday? I doubted them because honestly, they’ve been wrong once or twice before. So I kind of expected to wake up this morning and have maybe a dusting of snow on the grass but nothing that really stuck.


It’s snowing. Snowing a lot actually. There’s an old saying…if you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute. That sure is true lately!

So we’re here having a bit of a lazy day. There’s March Madness on tv, a new claymation video in the works, stew and chili both on today’s menu, and just some all around fun family togetherness. Good times. I love days like this.

Here’s Eli working on some new clay figures while Teagan supervises:


Leftover goodness for lunch:


Chili fixin’s for dinner tonight, oh man it’s gonna be good:


What a difference a day makes!