Chris and Kayla : Stillwater Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

I met Chris before I had the opportunity to meet his fiance. Although, when I saw him at church I was never really sure if it was him or not. That’s because Chris has an identical twin brother named Nick and although Nick came to my house nearly every week I still had trouble telling the two apart. Luckily, by the time the big day rolled around just a few days before Christmas I was able to tell them apart easily. Not only that but by then I knew both Chris AND Kayla and…they are pretty amazing.

Also amazing? Their winter wedding. I could tell you all about it but I think I’ll just share some of my favorite images instead.

This is Kayla and her sister. How sweet are they?!

Loved this!

Look who showed up for the reception!

Every time I look at this next image I find something else to giggle about. It’s like the Where’s Waldo of reception dances. Love it!

I was headed outside to get some shots of the car being decorated when about 10 guests were coming inside with big “gong” like things. I asked what was going on and someone said “You don’t want to miss this.” I can’t remember what it was called but apparently it’s an old German tradition. They go in beating these gongs and won’t stop until they are given beer. How have I never heard of this? I’m like 75% German! It was pretty funny watching Chris and Kayla rush around trying to get all the noise to stop!

I’ve seen this idea before but Chris is the first groom to use the football for the garter toss. So fun!


Chris and Kayla = Love

Ceremony location . Sunnybrook Christian Church

Reception venue . Payne County Expo Center

Wedding Coordinator . Amber Gray

Florist . Little Shop of Flowers

Music/DJ . Black Tie DJ’s

Cake . Mishelle Handy

Kayla’s dress . Bridal Boutique, Norman, OK

Bridesmaid dresses . Bachelorette’s, designed by Linh Ta


Special Songs

Processional .  Genuine Love, By: Dara Joy

First Dance . God Gave Me You, By: Dave Barnes