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Miranda and Bryce : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

These two were so much fun to work with. I had met with Miranda a few weeks prior to discuss their engagement and wedding photography needs. She was super sweet and I was already looking forward to their September wedding. It’s not uncommon for me to not meet the groom until our first session together. Sometimes that means that they aren’t quite as relaxed and they take awhile to warm up to my craziness. Bryce was quite the opposite. I think we started bantering back and forth pretty much right from the start. Like me, Bryce is fluent in sarcasm and Miranda takes it all in stride. I have no doubt now that their wedding this fall will be one to remember. I’m so looking forward to it!

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Lauren and Jason : Macomb Illinois Engagement Photographer

I promise I’m not moving to Macomb! Although, as I said yesterday, it really is a nice town!

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting an engagement session for Lauren and Jason while I was in Macomb for the wedding a couple of weekends ago. Jason was the best man and Lauren was a bridesmaid for Kellen and Seth, and these two lovebirds will be getting married in June. Since the wedding date is rapidly approaching and they wanted to use a photo for their invitation, they had decided to just snap a shot of themselves and use that. Kellen and Seth however, had other plans and gifted them an engagement session from me. It was sort of a last minute plan, but I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to not only work with them during the wedding but to spend some time with them for their engagement session because they are just too sweet. Seriously. Just watching them interact with each other made me want to hop right in my Suburban and drive as fast as possible back home to my own husband. They made my job super easy by being so in love! In between shots I would catch them snuggling to stay warm, sneaking a kiss or just gazing into each others eyes. Those are my favorite moments to capture. When the couple is being SO real and I’m just along for the ride.

Thank you, Lauren and Jason, for allowing me to document your engagement. Even through the cold and snow, and after a long couple of days being an awesome best man and bridesmaid, you guys were ah-mazing!

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Kate and Derek : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

She is the glass 1/2 full to his glass 1/2 empty.  He’s the clean to her messy.  She loves beaches and sand and sunshine and he prefers clouds and rainy days.  He cheers for the Cubs while he routes on his Cardinals.  (Is that even allowed?) Clearly these two complete the other and it only took them 17 years to figure it out.  After an ROTC formal in college where by chance they ended up as “dates”, they went their seperate ways and have now reunited with a wonderful love story.  Does it get any better than that?  I sure don’t think so!

Kate and Derek came to the place where it all began for their engagement session and I’m so looking forward to their wedding in Tulsa this June.  Something tells me it’s going to be emotional.  I’d better start stocking the kleenex now!




How fun are these jerseys.  See that?  2013.  That’s they year they finally tie the knot.  And I hear rumor there will be lots of baseball incorporated into the reception.  Did I mentioned I was excited?!








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