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Tori and Chris : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

These two are high school sweethearts, and SO much fun.  We first met for coffee to get to know each other and it was like sitting down with a couple of old friends.  One of their biggest concerns is that they would be awkward during their session, but looking over their images I’d say they were anything but!  That’s not to say that our session was awkward-free ;) ,  but it was a blast.  Even though it was a little bit chilly, we laughed enough to keep us warm.  We started on campus where the fountain was still orange from homecoming, traveled to the spot where Chris asked Tori to be his wife and finished up with a great location for that great light just as the sun was setting.

Thanks for a great engagement session you two.  It was an absolute pleasure hanging with you and capturing the beginning of this next chapter in your lives!

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Amy and Josh : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

Sometimes I just wonder how things like this work out.  Amy happens to be family.  Well, kind of.  Amy is the daughter of my sister-in-laws sister.  So she’s not REALLY family, and she’s not even married family, but it still feels like family.  Amy hails from the great state of Texas and just finished her undergraduate degree at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany.  She has an incredible love of animals and is now enrolled in the Vet Med program here at OSU.  That’s where I live.  (I don’t live AT OSU, but you know what I mean!)  So see, small world!  My sister-in-laws sister’s daughter from Texas now lives in my town!

Amy and Josh met on the Equestrian team at SNU and that was pretty much that.  They share a love of horses and books and just being together so we captured as much of that as we could at their engagement session.  We started at Amy’s house with Blitz and Aspen in on the action.  From there, we headed to the library and had fun trying to be quiet, er, looking up books.  We just happened to start on an aisle that housed all the wedding planning books and shortly after that we noticed that we were standing right next to the horse care section.  We even looked up each of their favorite books.  His is Mere Christianity and her’s is A Tale Of Two Cities.  Not too shabby!

Thanks for choosing me to document this chapter of your story Amy and Josh.  I had a fantastic time and I was serious when I said to let me know if you need anything Amy!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

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Taylor + Brad : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

I don’t even know what to say. I’m completely verklempt. Give me a minute.


Ok, internet…meet Taylor and Brad. Taylor is one of my Madi’s best good friends.

I know, right?!

Taylor and Brad have been dating since high school. He graduated a year before she did, joined the Army and headed off to basic training. After being apart for a year but still managing to grow their relationship, they decided they most definitely wanted to spend forever together. Home for Christmas, we snuck an engagement session in on a very windy cold day. Just a few days later, Taylor and Brad said “I do” in a small courthouse ceremony before he went overseas. The celebration of his return will be even sweeter with a wedding ceremony for all friends and family.

Time off from the army is never long enough and Brad has already set off to serve our country. I know they would both appreciate your prayers for their time apart. God speed Brad!

See that bundle of letters? They both saved all of the letters they sent to each other while he was in basic. So awesome!

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