Beauty From Pain : Personal

I meant to write this blog post a few days ago. Then I saw another friend had already done it and I figured I didn’t really need to. I mean, am I really even reaching anyone here?

This morning I heard the song Beauty From Pain by Superchick on the radio. My thoughts immediately went to my sweet friend and her family who are going through something I can’t even imagine. After a long road of adoption to bring three beautiful children home from Haiti, they learned this week that their adoption has been “thrown out”. These children know this family as their own. There are several options but the only one that seems feasible is to keep fighting. To start over. Listening to this song, thinking of my friend and feeling a little guilty that I haven’t personally shared her story, the DJ came on to lead listeners to yet another blog post about her situation. It was pretty much at that moment that I knew I had to write this post. I may not have that many readers but perhaps I can reach someone who hasn’t heard of this story yet and if that’s the case then I’m in!

The short story is, a lot of money needs to be raised in a very short amount of time so that these 3 kiddos can come home to their family. My friend has started a Facebook event page, asking people to sacrifice their Sonic drink or Starbucks coffee for just two days and donate that money to their adoption. You can join the event here. If you scroll down on the page you can see some personal posts that will help you get to know the family and their story.

I don’t feel very equipped with words and I know that there are others who have already shared this story in posts that really moved me. Please go see my friend Lauren’s post The Good Samaritin In Modern Times. It’s good stuff, y’all. Janelle also shared the story on her blog and I completely agree with her… Only God Can.

The deadline is looming people. Can you help?