Well, hello there!

Whew! The last week has been an absolute whirlwind around here. The last couple of days? A complete blur.

We are in the process of getting our house ready to put back on the market. When I say “in the process” I mean, I’m supposed to be cleaning and organizing and decluttering and keep putting it off. So I got a text Monday from our realtor saying that there was someone in town who got wind of our house getting ready to come up and she wanted to see it.

Cue Flight of the Bumblebee.

Seriously, that’s how I was all day yesterday. I didn’t sit down all day long. I even kept one of the kids home from school with me which is totally illegal but I so couldn’t have done it without her. The buyer says it’s a beautiful home but it won’t work for them. Poo. However, we have a great headstart on getting the house officially on the market. Yay!

All of this came after my super fun trip to Illinois to document the wedding of my sweet friends Kellen and Seth. I had Madi and 3 bridesmaids in tow and we had FUN. I had planned to share my trip on my Monday Musings post but as I told you I was frantically getting ready to show the house. Craziness! Now that things have calmed down, I am back at work today getting caught up on galleries and emails and designing graduation announcements. And I’m finally ready to share some of my favorite iPhone pics from my trip to Illinois! Stay tuned in the next few days for a sneak peek of an engagement session I shot while there as well as Kellen and Seth’s wonderful wedding!

We left on Thursday and took WAY to long to reach our destination but it was fun. I promise I had both eyes on the road while I snapped this shot of the rest of the crew watching 27 Dresses.

After we finally arrived at the hotel around 11:00pm I saw this while I was checking in. Go me!

It was so cold and snowed all day Friday. While the wedding party prepared the venue, Madi and I made memories together. I can’t believe this girl will be graduating in just a few short months. Someone slow down time!

Saturday was wedding day! It was a beautiful sunny cold day. We took a lot of shots outside in the snow and tried to think warm thoughts. I can’t wait to get a sneak peek of the day up!

After a very early morning, shooting a wedding, then an engagement session…Madi and I were pooped! As was the rest of our crew like our friend Rachel here. She was SUCH a trooper the whole trip. This beautiful lady is 8 months pregnant and I didn’t hear her complain one single time. Well, maybe just at this dinner because we were all SO hungry but I complained a whole lot more than her and didn’t have nearly the excuse she did!

Sunday was another early morning as we were all anxious to get back home. I drove the first few hours and then Tara put her lead foot on and we got home in record time. I mean, it wasn’t really that hard to beat our first time. We did get home fast though and I got to sleep a bunch. Thanks Tara!

All in all it was a really fun weekend. A beautiful wedding, a ton of laughter and silliness and some great conversation. Thanks for road-tripping it with me ladies! Muah!