Tommy : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

As with most of this years seniors, I’ve known Tommy for quite a while.  It wasn’t until this past summer though that I got to spend some time with him and get to know him a little bit better.  We were in Colorado for our church’s week long summer camp in the mountains when one of the other high school seniors hurt his ankle.  I had a van so the medic, our injured friend, Tommy and I all piled in and made the nearly hour long trip into Frisco, CO to the emergency room.  Tommy and I had a lot of, um fun? while hanging out in the waiting room.  Forever.  And then he got to witness my awesome driving skills on the way back to camp through the winding mountain roads in the dark.  Good times.

Honestly though, I learned that this kid I had “known” for so long was really pretty stinkin’ cool.  Willing to give up the first night of fun at camp to support his buddy and be there for him.  10 gold stars for you and your coolness Tommy!