The Houser Family : Stillwater Oklahoma Family Photographer

These kiddos were fired up! It was starting to spritz a bit at the beginning of our session so we worked fast. Luckily, the rain held out till we were finished with our session. I go waaaay back with these kids mom, all the way to the days of Regina Ann Dance Studio in Tulsa. Somehow we both ended up in Stillwater and have really gotten to know each other in our post-high school years and I’m so glad! Growing up, I always thought of Bethany as someone who was quiet and reserved so when her kiddos seemed more like they belonged in my super crazy family I asked her how she ended up with them. She says if I’d met her husband I’d understand. Too funny!

Thanks for letting me capture your kiddos this fall Bethany!

This is one of my tricks when photographing kids. “I’ll take one of you like that and THEN I get to choose how you pose.” Works every time.

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