The Cummings Family : Stillwater Oklahoma Family Photographer

Seriously. The Cummings are one of my favorite families to spend time with. No. Lie.

I met with Lisa and Claire first and little miss Claire is something else. It’s pretty much all about her. And why wouldn’t it be? Just look at her! But seriously, at one point she was “putting on makeup backstage” while I had to go around the corner to announce the upcoming “Taylor Swift concert!”. Thank goodness I can act. I think if I hadn’t had enough emotion in it I would have gotten in trouble. I love her but I so don’t want to be someone she doesn’t like. It’s so much easier to photograph a kid that likes you. Right?!

Soon Steve and Luke showed up and Luke whipped out some poses that had the girls coming out of Joes absolutely swooning. You think I’m kidding. I’m totally not.

I probably would have hung around with this family extra long if I didn’t have to get to the Stillwater High School game to work the concessions. I guess since I didn’t do that I’ll just have to show up at their house sometime when I’m in a bad mood. These kids are sure to make me smile.

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Shelli -

cannot wait till I finally get you to photograph the kids. Never seen somebody capture L&C’s so personality so perfectly! LOVE!