The Birth of Avery Lynn : Stillwater Oklahoma Birth Photographer

My sweet friend Shelby recently saw this post on my blog. She then told her friend Tomi Sue, who shared it with her daughter Courtney who was expecting her first baby. So in the last couple of weeks Courtney got in touch with me and decided to have me photograph her birth. Woohoo!!!!

Courtney’s due date was June 25th, which came and went without any fan fare. Late in the evening of the 26th she and I exchanged some texts and discussed meeting the next day after her appointment. We just sort of thought since we had scheduled this so late in the game and hadn’t actually met or even spoken on the phone that it might be nice before, well you know. So we set up that meeting and I stayed up too late and slept hard which meant that I didn’t hear my text alert go off at almost 4 am letting me know her water broke and she was in the hospital.

I woke up and saw the text and had a little panic attack before I heard back from her and found out she was still pregnant. Things were going slowly so I hung tight until I couldn’t stand it anymore and finally went up to see her just before noon. Her room was full of family all anxious to meet little Avery and it was obvious that this was already one very loved little girl. I hung around for a bit, went back around 5, left and had dinner and then finally got the call at 7:30 that she was finally really progressing.

She was SO amazing. I remember that first pregnancy and all the unknowns and she was just super cool and collected and when it was time for her to start pushing she was awesome. The room was so quiet and I remember at one point, in between contractions she said, “Well. This is fun.” I couldn’t help but snicker from my spot behind her bed.

I really can’t tell you how incredible it was to not only watch Avery enter the world but to see her mommy and daddy, along with both of their own mother’s watch the whole thing unfold. And then being with them all for those first minutes while she was cleaned up and mommy and then daddy held her for the first time. Simply amazing and such a blessing. Thank you so much Courtney and Ty and welcome to the world sweet little Avery Lynn!


Music used with permission from Emily Riddle. Check her out here!