Stacey and Brit : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

Stacey and Brit had an engagement session that I don’t think they’ll ever forget. I can see it now. Years down the road, looking over their pictures from that day they’ll point to the ones by the hay bale and say, “Oh look, this is right before our photographer fell flat on her face!”

Ok, maybe not. Because really Stacey and Brit were incredibly helpful when I fell. But you know when you fall and you’re going down and it’s all in slow motion? And I’m a visual person so as I’m falling I’m picturing (in slow motion) of what it must look like from their view. Let me just say…it ain’t pretty. I tripped on a tie holding the hay bale and tried hard not to catch myself on my camera. My left hand and knee took the brunt of the hit and were both pretty bruised for weeks. Sadly, I wasn’t able to protect my camera and it ended up in the shop later that week.

BUT…it is fixed now and even better…we got some AWESOME images! Stacey and Brit will be tying the knot in August and I know it’s going to be an amazing time. They are so much fun and so in love. And so cute! We went out to Brit’s land and I could have shot around there all day long. Well, if I hadn’t fallen of course. 😉 And Stacey BROUGHT it with props and ideas for her session. Check it out!

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