Sadie in December : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I guess I better finish up since graduation is NEXT MONTH.

It’s fine.  I’m fine.  Anyway…

While in Colorado over Christmas, we went to my Daddy’s house to do Sadie’s senior session. It was cold. Like, really cold. And having an audience all telling you to do different things can put you in a bit of a bad mood. But getting these pictures at this location was worth the cold and the whining.

I can’t remember when my Dad and step-mom actually moved in here. I just know that this has always been “the farm”. A home, dreamt of and started when I was just a child. If I had to guess, it would have been about 1976. I have pictures of my brother and I as small people, playing on the slab with the framing up. Unfortunately, the house project was halted and sat for many many years. That is, until one day, it was finished and became the beautiful home it is now. I have so many memories of the farm, even from when there was no finished home on the property. Memories that include picking asparagus, searching for peacock feathers, and drinking from the water hose. I think it’s pretty special that I can add “taking one of my kids senior pictures” to that list of memories.



The trees are REAL big at the farm, y’all.


Internet, meet my Daddy.  He’s pretty special.


This is the peacock.  There have been several.  Ceasar.  Agustus.  I’m not sure of this guys name but he’s real pretty.


This is Abbey and Atticus.  And the last of the Lambie-Pies as we call them.  There were originally 4 or 5 and they would go on walks with my folks.  Now it’s just this little one left.



And there you go!  Sadie’s December session with a little bit of extra thrown in.  As I finish up, may I wish a very Happy Easter to everyone.  He is risen, He is risen indeed!