Miranda and Taylor: Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

With my kids all grown up or grown enough that they are doing their own thing, my husband Brad has officially become my second shooter/assistant for weddings.  We shot two together this summer and it was so much fun.  Brad keeps me on track the whole day and makes sure I have everything I need.  He tells me he loves watching me do my thing gets me drink refills throughout the reception so that I don’t melt.  I loved having my kids help when I first started but I’m kinda thinking I should have taught Brad long ago.  What a guy!

Our first wedding was in Jay, Oklahoma this June.  Actually, it was just outside of Jay on Miranda’s family land.  They transformed the area with white painted church pews, twinkle lights and tons of greenery and flowers.  It was magical.  Hot, but magical! 🙂  We loved meeting and spending time with both Miranda and Taylor’s families.  There was so much love there!

Love you guys, thank you so much for letting us capture this chapter of your lives.  We can’t wait to see where the future takes you!