Madilee and Dylan : Omaha Engagement Photographer

If you know me personally, then you know this is one is extra special. This girl made me a Mommy 25 years ago, and watching your daughter fall in love and knowing it’s going to be forever is pretty stinking amazing. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the man she has chosen to marry. If this engagement session had a theme it would be “Laughing and Loving” because there was a lot of both going on the entire time. I took WAY too many pictures and therefore, I have WAY too many to share. But I make the rules around here and I’m absolutely biased and not ashamed. *wink*

Madilee and Dylan, thanks for indulging me and letting me capture these for you. I love you both so much!


Dolores Cotton -

These are so great, but Maddie is always so bubbly and beautiful so it doesn’t surprise me how good they are. I am so happy she has found her perfect mate.