Lauren and Miguel : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

Lauren and Miguel are getting married next spring and I can’t WAIT! They are seriously too much fun and in the short time that we’ve gotten to spend together I’ve learned that we are a lot alike. Especially Lauren and me. We could possibly be trouble together!

In a whirlwind of work trying to get caught up before spending a week+ in Haiti, I had hoped to get this sneak peek up for my new friends. Unfortuneatly, all I was able to do was manage to get one image up on my facebook page so they’d have a little something before I left. I’m home now and they were first on my incredibly long to-do list.

Here ya go guys, hope it was worth the wait!

While shooting at the Chesapeake boathouse, we noticed a bouncy house thingamajig and the people setting it up said we could play on it. At first we just laughed about it but then I was all, “Get ON it!”

Meet Miguel and Lauren’s fur baby…Sam!