Kellen and Seth Part 2 : Macomb Illinois Wedding Photographer

It’s finally here! The much anticipated Sneak Peek Part 2 of the fantastic Hughes wedding. Woohoo!

Ok, it might just be that The Hughes are the only ones anticipating this that much but still. It’s exciting, right? In the first part of their sneak peek I shared them getting ready all the way up to arriving at the church. Now you get to see the ceremony and reception and all the amazing details that Kellen made sure were perfect. And let me tell you, they WERE perfect! Music, coffee and Scrabble are just a few things they love that Kellen successfully incorporated into the reception perfectly.

Table decor included framed song lyrics. Loved this!

The transformation of the curch lobby was amazing. And that hanging thing? It’s a parachute. How awesome does that look?!

A 10:30 wedding calls for brunch with delicious fruits and bagels and…COFFEE!

The cake looked so real Seth tried to play it. Just kidding. Kind of.