Jade : Jenks Oklahoma Senior Photographer

I can’t even.  I mean, I really can’t even.  This is my niece Jade.  She’s a senior at Jenks and that’s just dumb cause, along with my own children, she should still be like 12.  Would you just look at her though?  I mean, really take a good gander here y’all.  Can you tell from the photos that she’s pretty amazing?  Cause she is.  She’s an 18 year old who embraces her love of a multitude of things including Lego’s and karate and music.  She’s artistic and sarcastic, but rarely spastic like her mother.  😉  She rocks a kind heart and quick wit.  Also, amazing blue eyes.

You guys take a good long look at that signature of hers too.  It’s gonna be worth something some day!

Love you bunches JAM!

juju, also known as Judith -

I’m noticing a shortness of breath. These photos have taken me into the heart and soul and the very spirit of Jade and it is a dynamic and thrilling place to be. It is one thing to see her in the pursuit of the things she loves in real time over a span of 18 years, but honestly, seeing these same things captured in a single moment is ineffable. Margo, what can I say? You have the magic touch!