Henriette : Stillwater Oklahoma Senior Photographer

This girl. This one right here. She. Is. Adorable.

Madi came home from school one day last fall talking about a new girl in choir. She said she was so nice and funny and beautiful and…Norwegian! Henriette has been here in town this year as an exchange student from Norway. I happen to be a little partial to exchange students. When my Mom was in high school her family had a student from Japan come live with them for a year. She really became a part of the family and when I had the opportunity to take Japanese class in middle school I did and then I even had the chance to go to Japan and meet my “Aunt Yuko”. I called her the day my Mom passed away. She sent me my first strand of pearls for my wedding. Sweet Aunt Yuko!

So anywho.

When Madi told me about Henriette I told her to extend the offer for senior pictures. I mean, I took a gamble and guessed that they don’t do the whole senior session thing in Norway and figured she probably needed the whole experience. Right? Right! Actually, I WAS right! I asked her during our session and she said that they don’t do senior sessions in Norway. Hmmmm, maybe I should move my business there!

So here she is. Sweet Henriette as an Oklahoman for the year. She wanted her session to reflect what Oklahoma was like. So we stood in waving wheat, climbed hay bales and incorporated both the Oklahoma and American flags. In short, we had a ton of fun!

Um, did I mention that she is absolutely gorgeous? No? Well, she IS!

I had double help at this session with Madi and her friend Taylor who are both in chorale with Henriette. They even made the cut for Henriette’s fusion video. Check it out!

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