Courtney and Kyle : Stillwater Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

They had the wedding of their dreams, complete with every little detail you could imagine. Including a completely legit alter piece hand crafted by the groom and his father. In preparing for their big day they hired a photographer who they felt would be able to capture this once-in-a-lifetime day for them. Pictures worthy of showing their children and children’s children.

I’ll never forget Kyle and Courtney coming up to me after church one Sunday asking if I might be able to help them. Wedding over, they had waited in anticipation for the pictures from their special day. And then they got them. Under-exposed and out of focus pictures from the day they said I Do. I don’t know all of the details but from what I gathered, it sounds like the photographer they chose wasn’t equipped to handle an indoor wedding. My heart absolutely broke as I imagined my own wedding and wondered what I would do if I had nothing to document that day. Not only did the pictures not turn out, the video somehow got turned off so they didn’t even have that. But Kyle, being the best brand-new husband he is, had a plan.

So we gathered a few weeks after the initial vows were exchanged with their wonderful pastor who was willing to do it all again just for the sake of video and portraits. I wasn’t there for the “real” wedding, but I got tears in my eyes watching these two do it all over again. It’s obvious how much they are in love. I wouldn’t wish what happened to them on anyone. However, I’m awfully glad that I had the opportunity to capture these memories for such a sweet couple!