Colee Cate J : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

One Sunday, years ago, I went to pick up Eli from the church nursery after service. He was probably 1 1/2 at the time and Madi was close to 3. The sweetest little girl handed me my boy and said, “My name is Tarissa and if you ever need a babysitter please let me know because I love your kids!”


Tarissa started watching Madi and Eli for us and was soon just like a member of our family. She watched the kids when we were in the hospital having both Sadie and Teagan. She would watch them at her home sometimes and then as she got older and could drive (thank goodness!) she would come to our house. She even stayed over when we needed someone and she was the BEST babysitter. She would make fun crafts with the kids and always made yummy food for them. To this day, they prefer her grilled cheese over mine.  lol  I just knew that some day she was going to have her own babies and she would be the best Mommy out there.

Well, that day has arrived. And I was SO honored to take baby Colee’s newborn pictures. I even had the opportunity to document the birth and it’s not QUITE ready to share yet but lemme tell you…it was amazing. Watching new life come into the world always gets me, but when it’s someone you love so much yourself that’s in labor, it’s awfully emotional. It was truly so emotional and amazing.

Tarissa, I love you sweet girl and I’m SO thrilled for you and Dale at the arrival of this little angel. Come over again soon so I can snuggle that baby!