Brennon : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

Up late on September 1st, I saw a Facebook status from my client saying that her water broke and she was headed to the hospital. I liked it. Of course I did. How could I not like a post about someone bringing their new little one into the world?! I remember how it felt to be 843 months pregnant and just so anxious to meet each one of my own children. But there’s just something about that very first one. The wonder and excitement of going from just you and your husband to a family. It’s pretty much awesome.

After liking the status, I started getting messages from Shurae. She was totally cracking me up. In the hospital, in labor with her first baby, and what is she doing? Contacting me to schedule Brennon’s newborn session. She’d ask some questions and I’d respond and then say, “Now, go push! Have that baby!” And early that next morning she did just that. Three days later I got to meet Brennon for the first time and he was an absolute angel. We took one little break for a snack but other than that he was among the best of the best as far as newborns go. I consider it a good day when my little bitty clients stay asleep, let me do tons of poses, AND don’t poo or pee on me. Thank you sweet boy, for being awesome.

Me: Hey Brennon, you should hold your hand like your smokin’ a cigar. It’ll be funny. You know, since you’re only 3 days old and all.
Brennon: Like this?
Me: Yes! Perfect!

This hat cracked me up. Sweet little football head!