Bran : Stillwater Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

I. Love. This. Baby. There, I said it. I mean, I really love all my newborns but this little guy was just so sweet. Maybe because I got to hold and love on him so much. He wasn’t really interested in sleeping and/or being still. But he was perfectly happy. So I just held him a bunch and let him tinkle on me a few times. It was all good. I like his Mommy a lot too. I love making new friends and letting your newborn tinkle on you tends to make people like you. Or it really freaks them out. But I think she had a nice time. *wink* She was extra awesome because she brought a bunch of fun props and hats which I of course LOVE.

Come see me again Bran, and bring your brother next time! 🙂

Go to sleep sweet baby boy!