Benjamin : Stillwater Senior Photographer

Time is a weird thing to me. I do this thing where I wonder how I would have reacted years ago if I knew something today. Case in point, this kiddo is the son of someone I went to middle school and high school with. I don’t think we went to the same elementary school but I DO think we danced at the same dance studio. Shout out to Regina Ann Smith’s of Tulsa! Anyway, I wonder what 14 year old Margo would have said if someone told her, “Margo, you know Bethany Waddell? When you’re 45 years old you’re going to take her son’s high school senior pictures.” I probably would have glazed over everything but that 45 and said, “I will NEVER be that old! YUCK!”

It’s weird to me, time. I’m thankful to be older and wiser and to have the opportunity to know the children of people I knew as children themselves. It’s pretty darn cool. We tried really hard to have a great time at Benjamin’s senior session. However, it was cold. And Bethany fell down. And my stomach hurt. In the end, I got some great shots of him and everyone lived to tell the tale. No harm done.

Enjoy your sneak peek friends. Thanks for letting me capture this chapter of your story for you!