Avery : Stillwater Oklahoma Children’s Photographer

I may be in denial that Christmas is coming.  Maybe it’s because I still have my fall wreath on my front door.  Or it could be that I’ve edited two sneak peeks in a row that contain Halloween costumes.  It would really help me out if everyone could just agree to pretend that it’s still the beginning of November.  Can we make that happen?  Pretty please?

When I saw sweet little Avery’s pictures on Facebook from Halloween I just had to get together with her and do a mini-session.  I’m a sucker for a good costume and this just reminded me of when my two oldest were little and I’d spend hours planning the perfect costumes and making everything just right.  I remember my Aunt Kay telling me that I’d started a tradition that I was going to have to hold up every year.  And I did, each year getting even crazier with the costumes.  By the time #4 rolled around, the group costumes kinda went by the wayside but I did have a few years in there where at least one of the kids would have something special.  I miss those days of the kids dressing up.  So for the next several years I’m going to live vicariously through Avery’s mom.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next year.  It’s gonna be pretty hard to top this years amazing lion tamer but I’m certain she can do it!

Avery, I still have your piece of tulle that you gave to me and it’s proudly displayed in my office.  I hope your leaf collection is going well, there sure are plenty of leaves in town to choose from!  Thanks for playing with me and letting me take your picture, it was a lot of fun sweet girl!