3 little monkies : Stillwater Oklahoma Family Photographer

There were no beds to jump on during our shoot but these little people were still super fun. I had a blast with Lori and her kids. And I especially loved that Lori had the attitude of just wanting her children captured as they are right now. Sassy, fiesty, and fun! I think sometimes parents get caught up wanting what they think will be the perfect picture of their children. But the picture that they have in their mind won’t be one that they can look back on and remember the individual peronalties of each child. I loved editing this session. Because I look back and remember our time together and how amazing each of these kids are!

Fun on the fence. Some of us had more fun the rest of us. But seriously. How cute are they?!

This is one of my favorite shots. Just a shot of the family walking in the house. Nothing special. Until I loaded it on my computer and saw Mom and both girls in the same exact stance. Amazing.

This guy? Loved him!

At the end of our session the girls got the chance to play dress up in Mom’s wedding dress and veil. Such a fun way to end our session!