Tori and Chris : Stillwater Oklahoma Engagement Photographer

These two are high school sweethearts, and SO much fun.  We first met for coffee to get to know each other and it was like sitting down with a couple of old friends.  One of their biggest concerns is that they would be awkward during their session, but looking over their images I’d say they were anything but!  That’s not to say that our session was awkward-free ;),  but it was a blast.  Even though it was a little bit chilly, we laughed enough to keep us warm.  We started on campus where the fountain was still orange from homecoming, traveled to the spot where Chris asked Tori to be his wife and finished up with a great location for that great light just as the sun was setting.

Thanks for a great engagement session you two.  It was an absolute pleasure hanging with you and capturing the beginning of this next chapter in your lives!