Throwback Thursday : May 15th

Early this morning I got a group text from my oldest sister. She sent it to my brother, little sister, and myself.

“I love you guys. Thinking about you today.”

This is a crazy busy week, this time of year always is. So in the hour or so that I’d been up it hadn’t hit me yet what today was.

May 15th.

Today marks 21 years since my sweet Mother breathed her last breathe and went to heaven. It amazes me that it’s been that long. I think of her every day. I see her when I look in the mirror, I hear her sweet alto voice when old songs come on the radio, I smile knowing how incredibly much she would have enjoyed her grandchildren. The pain that I felt as a 19 year old that lost her mother is different today. But it never goes away. Even after all these years, there are days that I can’t help but say, “I want my Mommy.” I don’t imagine that will ever change.

Twenty one years ago today I lost my Mom, but 4 years ago today I gained a brother. So while we remember this day back in 1993 and how hard it was, we also remember that day in Colorado that brought us so much happiness. I got to looking at pictures from that wedding weekend while I was eating breakfast this morning. And although I have a million things to do, I decided that I’d take the time to do a TBT blog today and share some of my favorite memories from Emily and Brian’s Wedding Weekend.

The little girls and I left earlier in the week so that Brad and the big kids didn’t miss work/school. We stopped in Denver to meet Emily and some of Brian’s family that just arrived at the airport. Dinner was at Casa Bonita, with the cliff diving gorilla. Good times.

The next morning, we had a delicious breakfast at Lucile’s Creole Cafe in Loveland. After having dinner together the night before, we all decided we liked each other quite a bit. Teagan was especially taken by Brian’s sweet niece Peyton. Such a doll! Know what I remember most about this breakfast? Those beignets. Not because they were so delicious, but because I didn’t have one. Not even a single bite. I was on a diet at the time after having a bit of a nervous breakdown trying to find a dress to wear to the wedding. Story of my life. Anyway, I wish I would have had one. After that, the little girls and Emily and I headed to the Aveda Spa in Berthoud for some pampering.  Finally, we ended the night at a fun family dinner at Emily and Brian’s house.  All the kids loved listening to Brian’s step-mom tell fun stories and Sadie tried to teach Grandpa Hein how to play mancala.

The next day the rest of the family arrived. Yeah! We all hung out together during the day and visited my brother’s store. We got a cousin pic there. Minus Teagan. And Seth. And Jackson. Where y’all at?

That evening, some of us went to the wedding venue for a quick rehearsal. There might have been some playing along with rehearsing.

After that we all met up at an amazing Mexican restaurant in Denver where Brian’s folks hosted an amazing Fiesta!


Fiesta wear optional.  My Dad brought his whip.  I don’t know why he owns a whip.  Weird.


Madi got to sit at the kids table.  She thought that was awesome.  Also, I so wish Teagan would cut her hair short again.  I loved this on her!


Missing this guy a lot lately.  Know he and Mother are having a blast in heaven where they are finally together again.

That’s my Eli.  And my brother.  Sigh.



Look at those cute bangs on Sadie!


Finally, wedding day arrived!  Emily spent the night at home with us and she and Madi shared a room.  That’s her “I’m getting married today but would like to lay here just a bit longer” face.

We had lots of fun getting all dressed up.  Teagan got to help Minnie put her fancy orange shoes on.

While Teagan was doing that,  our step-mom was telling Emily how happy she was for her.  This is Emily’s “Thank you, but you’re going to make me cry” face.


And THIS is Emily’s “walking down the aisle without making eye contact with anyone or else I’ll start crying” face.

A single iris sat next to Johnnie in remembrance of Mother that day.


I loved her dress.  And the flowers.  Oh man, the flowers were gorgeous!

Here we have Emily’s “I’m going to explain how special this day is to me and try really hard not to cry” face.


Oh Johnnie.  That grin!

I don’t even know.

And finally, this is Emily’s “We are MARRIED, and leaving, and you guys get to clean up” face.


Happy anniversary Emily and Brian.  Thinking all sorts of happy thoughts and remembering all that this day means.