Theordore : Tulsa Oklahoma Newborn Photographer

I remember when I first saw Denise. She was singing and I remember thinking “I want to be her friend”. That was our freshman year of high school and we did end up being friends, the kind that you would write “LYLAS” to on the back of your school picture. You know, BFF’s. In fact, I’m married to the man I am today because Denise introduced me to him. I often wonder what would have happened that memorial day weekend 23 years ago if Jake hadn’t called Denise and said he and a friend were looking for someone to hang out with. Thank goodness for Jake and Denise!

Denise and Jeff lived in Nashville when their first son was born and I’m so glad that they are all in Tulsa now so that I was able to go hang out and take pictures when little Theodore arrived. Daddy is absolutely smitten with his 3rd son and Patrick is already a rock star big brother. And Theodore? I LOVE HIM. He was the absolute best baby for me. In fact, I only left when I did because I had to get back home to pick kids up from school.

Little Theodore/Theo/Teddy/TJ, you are one lucky boy to have the family that you do. Thanks for letting me come hang out with all of you guys. Can’t wait to see you again and smooch your cheeks!