The Waits Family : Stillwater Oklahoma Family Photographer

I first photographed this family when they just had 2 sweet little kiddos. Since then, their family has grown by one super adorable little guy with eyelashes that go on for miles. I’m such a sucker for long lashes!

After a couple reschedules due to conflicts and weather (dumb rain!) we finally had the chance to get together and play. This is one of those types of sessions that I wish I would have had when my own kids were much younger. Not everyone looked at the camera at the same time and we got some silly faces instead of honest to goodness smiles at times. I probably would have been frustrated about that back in the day but it documents how this family truly is and how they interact with each other. And THAT folks is why I do what I do.

Thanks for letting me capture this chapter for your sweet family!

See? Beautiful long lashes with strawberry blonde tips. Amazing!

I just love this. LOVE this!

Silly Sam!

I heard someone say Isaac was coming with a stick he found. I turned around to this. Ha! “Wook! I got a stick!” Yes Isaac, you sure do!

Little people only last so long before they are done. I loved this because my own kids do the same. Although, my girls tend to whine quite a bit more than Katherine did. She can definitely hold her own with her brothers!