The Birth of Bauer : Stillwater Oklahoma Birth Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the second birth for Amber and David in December.  Birth photography is probably one of my favorite things.  There’s truly nothing like watching a new life enter the world.

Amber was induced early in the morning and I arrived at the hospital just before the doctor was due to come in to break her water.  Once he did, things seemed to start moving very fast and we thought we’d have a baby in no time.  Aunt Tiki updated snap chat while we all waited for Amber to get her epidural.  Shortly after that, everything seemed to stop.  Poor Amber was feeling awful due to some pregnancy related kidney issues and things just weren’t progressing.  By 5pm or so, Amber and David made the decision to deliver by cesarean section.  We all waited in anticipation after a long day and shortly after 6pm, Bauer Dak entered the world and quickly had us all wrapped around his little finger.

These are some of the highlights from Bauer’s birthday.  Video and music produced by my favorite son, Eli.  I told him to just use music that “fit” and he couldn’t find anything so he just wrote something.  We’ll call this “Bauer’s Song”.  Enjoy!